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CARGO Projects - a friendly and professional car clinic expert for more than years

CARGO Projects is an experienced contact partner for the conception and implementation of automotive research events and projects, on a national and international scale. Our team consists of professionals, experienced in car clinics and fly-ins & fly-outs, as well as test drives. Our range of services begins from the conception, the planning and calculation of the overall project and only ends with the delivery of the research results to our customer.

This also includes scouting locations, lighting equipment and technology, vehicle procurement, audiovisual technology with safety certification, catering, security staff and technology, and so on. To put it simply, we cover the entire spectrum of car clinic organization and logistics, in fact we do it worldwide, in all the core markets for automotive research, namely in China, the USA, Brazil, and of course in Germany, as well as throughout Europe. With our own German, English and Chinese speaking personnel on-site, close, local partnerships and the experience of countless events, we can meet your individual requirements in a reliable and safe manner.

On a side note:

We are also experts „offsite“, namely when it comes to recruitments, phone interviews or online surveys

Our Goal:

Sustainable and long term Partnerships as a reliable and trustworthy Car Clinic Service Provider

Our Way:

Expertise & Experience, Frankness & Fairness, Persistency &

Henning Voss, Cargo Projects

Our Services

Our great Passion: Car Clinics

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There are several survey methods in market research - but there is one that particularly caught our eye. We are car clinic experts with passion. From a 1.5-day project to a 3-week clinic, from 50 respondents to 1400, from Hamburg and Cologne to Los Angeles, from Mexico City to Sao Paulo to Bangkok, Delhi, Beijing, Xian and Shanghai - there is actually nothing we have not already carried out. Thus far and without exception to the highest satisfaction of our demanding customers!

We know the suitable clinic locations around the world – and if we don’t, we will find them for you. In addition to complete venue management, our "all-round carefree package" includes, among other services, vehicle procurement, lighting equipment and technology, audiovisual and event technology, carpet and trade fair construction, crew catering and customer service, security technology and personnel, simultaneous interpreters, and so on.

It goes without saying that we guarantee our customers the highest security standards, from digital, tap-proof A/V technology to complete lock replacement and specially sealed, USB- and WLAN-free screens.

As a side note: CARGO Projects has just been TISAX- (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) certified again, meaning that your sensitive company and product information is safe with us. Certified and safe.

Finding the right Participants: Recruitment

Rekrutierung von Testpersonen 

You would like to invite premium-SUV-drivers to a car clinic? Or interview decision makers on purchasing large trucks? Or would you rather conduct group discussions with enthusiastic e-car owners? We will find the requested target group and invite them to your event tailored to your wishes, so you don’t waste your budget on the wrong participants and instead use it efficiently.

To do so, our large and constantly updated database forms the basis. Professional street recruitment, the customer addresses you give us and cooperations within the CARGO network supplement our database.

Throughout the recruitment process, we are in constant communication with our customer, presenting them the daily progress in a transparent manner and discussing possible changes.

It also goes without saying, that our team makes sure that each participant leaves the event with both a good feeling and the agreed incentive.

Teasing out every detail: Field Work


Whether you are planning a static car clinic or an online survey, a dynamic test drive or phone-interviews, we offer you all you need to complete the survey phase. Within the CARGO network, we have access to pleasant and experienced interviewers, seasoned at all relevant event levels - this goes also for very large events.

We can cover quantitative interviews during test drives with the iPad as well as qualitative-psychological in-depth interviews by specifically trained employees. In addition, we work with the best moderators within the automotive market research to ensure well moderated group discussions.

Our phone surveys are conducted directly in our studio at our headquarters in Stadtbergen, near Augsburg, where the project leader has the possibility of constant quality control at his or her own workplace..

In short: we will teas out all the information you need in a professional manner and guarantee high-quality.

Off to the bends: Test Drives

Fahrtests Image 

It is not always about concept, design or pricing. Questions regarding vehicle dynamics and functionalities, assistance systems and the others alike can best be researched "on the road". Based on your specifications, CARGO Projects will draw up a schedule for your test drive, which takes rotations and vehicle changes as well as the daytime, weather influences, traffic conditions, and so on into consideration.

We suggest routes which cover all of the required test situations and manage the starting point for you including reception, customer offices, car parks, secure night storage, catering, evening carwashes and refueling and care.

Would you like to have direct insight into the vehicle during the test drive from your workplace in the event office? No problem, with our A/V technology, which meets the highest demands, we can make it happen. As a matter of course, we also provide the charging infrastructure for test drives with electric vehicles. And should one or the other sheet metal suffer during a test drive, we usually have a solution overnight.

Above the clouds ...: Fly-Ins & Fly-Outs

Car Clinics Mobilitätskonzepte Picture 

In order to meet the different needs of your worldwide sales markets, car clinics should be organized internationally. A good and efficient alternative to the multiple, "decentralized" implementation in different countries may be to conduct only one "central" event in the main or the home market (Germany for example) instead and to fly in participants from other markets.

These could be only 18 luxury segment drivers from China who are flown to Europe for group discussions or 300 owners of the Golf segment who fly from Germany to Spain for a weekend to participate in a "normal" car clinic there.

Isn’t that too expensive??? Let us talk about it, we will be happy to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages with you, individually for your project. CARGO Projects has many years of experience and expertise in the calculation and meticulous planning of fly-ins and fly-outs.

How many subjects need to be invited so that the exact number requested by the customer can be met? How can target persons be convinced of the seriousness of an invitation to a weekend abroad that is completely free of charge for them? How can tickets be booked for a group of people, without the names of the individual participants? Which group has to come when and be where and how does each groups get there? How do they get back? Do we have sufficient hotel capacity? Where do the subjects who complete the clinic from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. get dinner? What should be done if a participant gets "lost" or has drunk too much the prior evening? Questions upon questions, which suggest that fly-ins and fly-outs are a highly complex matter. Together, with our highly competent and specialized travel partners, our team has the skills to make your multi-country clinic a complete success without your prototype (and you!) having to fly around the world for months.

Truly Global: Event Management across the Globe

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Only a few years ago, Germany was regarded as a pioneering sales market for the automotive industry, however, the focus has increasingly shifted towards China, the USA and other markets. Our international direction takes this into account: In the past 10 years since our foundation, we have carried out numerous projects abroad and gained invaluable experience in the process.

In markets, such as the USA and China, we have long-standing close cooperation partners. Together with these partners, the CARGO experts ensure smooth processes at all times, from checking the halls to selecting participants and staff, to local vehicle procurement, local catering, hotel bookings for our customers and so on.

Our team is often on the road in the USA (especially in the greater Los Angeles area) as well as in China (Shanghai, Beijing) - but also Brazil, France, Great Britain, India, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, Spain or Thailand are frequently on our agenda.

Your target market is not included on the list above? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will change that together.

State of the Art: Event Technology

Car Clinic Event Technologie Picture 

The perfect spotlighting of all exhibits - both prototypes and competitors - is part of the design clinic. Without an absolutely uniform illumination by means of symmetrically aligned, white daylight spotlights, the details that are in the focus of your designers may not come into their own; In that case, conclusive results are cannot be reached, despite great effort. When you and your colleagues observe and listen to what is happening live in the dynamic focus group, no words or gestures should be missed due to a noisy picture. And if the subjects are to evaluate different equipment variants on large-format flatscreens, even the smallest detail on the vehicle edge has to be pin sharp.

You do not yet have a physical vehicle model or want to test different vehicle concepts that do not yet exist? Then maybe a Virtual Car Clinic using the latest VR technology is worth considering.

Also, your valuable data needs to be protected. It doesn’t bear thinking that top secret images or information end up in the wrong hands.

With our partner and shareholder Neumann & Müller, we have the largest network of locations in Germany when it comes to event technology and a tried and tested international partner network. State-of-the-art, constantly tested and certified event equipment is designed, built and operated by highly motivated specialists - and the entire know-how of over 35 years of experience is at the disposal of our customers.

Future starts Today: E-Mobility

Car Clinics Mobilitätskonzepte Picture 

In times of diesel scandals, driving bans in city centers and an increasing population concentration in urban areas, the automotive industry is facing major challenges.

Our Company

CARGO Projects is your competent contact for everything related to the conception and implementation of automotive market research events in Germany and abroad.

CARGO Projects A small team with a large network operating worldwide. The idea had already been around for a few years: instead of constantly rethinking the "exotic" method of the car clinic in large and wide-ranging market research institutes and explaining to the purchasing department why gummy bears (customer catering!), suitcases (load space assessment!) and the latest "Bunte" magazine (waiting area!) represent urgently needed project purchases, there had to be a better way.

The most obvious way was for a market researcher and an event organizer to join forces and concentrate fully on this exciting topic. In a small, 2-room office on the outskirts of Augsburg, CARGO was founded at the beginning of 2011 and immediately launched a 3-country project. Meanwhile, the CARGO Projects Team consists of 7 own employees who plan market research projects on two floors at the headquarters in Stadtbergen near Augsburg to implement your wishes all around the world.

Additionally, numerous freelancers, some of whom have been with us for many years, take care of setting up and dismantling events, conducting recruitment interviews in our own call centre or providing support on other topics.

Last but not least, there are, of course, our colleagues from the technical department: Thanks to our partner Neumann & Müller, we can access an almost inexhaustible pool of specialists for audiovisual technologies, lighting, trade fair construction, VR and other technical topics at any time, depending on project requirements.

300+ successful projects for over 50 clients last years!

CARGO Projects

We have car clinic expertise in all major automotive markets and collaborate with global partners:

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